Lutfi’s Salon & Day Spa

Lutfi’s Salon & Day Spa

Salon’s Integrated Marketing Campaign Quickly Builds Impressive Internet Presence, Drives ROI
Lutfi’s Salon & Day Spa is a full-service salon in Maryland that had built an impressive following of loyal local residents, based on quality salon and spa services. From its humble beginnings as hair artists, the salon quickly built a reputation as a local leader in hair artistry. From there, the salon’s owner grew the business to include services like manicures and pedicures, facials, waxing and make-up artistry, as well as massage and body waxing.
About Lutfi's Salon & Day Spa
Lútfi’s Salon & Day Spa, a full service salon in Columbia, Maryland, offers far more than beautiful hair but also gorgeous nails, feet, and face, as well as health and relaxation. They combine a variety of the industry’s leading techniques and products to individualize their services with a professional, creative and experienced team that caters to their customers’ need with body, esthetic and hair care.
“I’m so glad we relied on Internet Marketing Company to grow our business. Now, I can relax about the how-tos of marketing, and spend time where it’s really needed: managing the day-to-day matters and building up our employees.”
Debra Ann Smith
Business Manager
The Need
As marketing channels shifted to internet, social media and mobile, the salon realized it need to change with the times. However, Lutfi’s Salon & Day Spa had no clear strategy for creating an internet presence or extending its reach beyond effective word-of-mouth recommendations or local advertising channels.

To remain competitive in a highly competitive market, the salon needed a way to stand out among the competition and keep customers coming back. However, the clear priority rested on the need to entice new clients, in order to continue build a growing and thriving full-service salon.
The Challenge
The salon had already amassed a significant group of existing clients due to positive referrals from within this circle of satisfied customers, but the owner knew that wouldn’t be enough to maintain a stable business. The salon wanted to continue to grow and amass a larger client base in which to rely on profits for many years to come.

The administration behind Lutfi’s Salon and Day Spa were experts in their industry, but not in online marketing. They didn’t have the knowledge or experience to create and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy online, nor did they have time to study how to do it.

The resources were already stretched thin to run their business – they didn’t have the manpower to assign an employee in-house to manage the social and online presence of Lutfi’s Salon.
The solution: How Internet Marketing Company helped
Lutfi’s Salon & Day Spa turned to Internet Marketing Company, the premier provider of enterprise marketing solutions for small businesses.

Internet Marketing Company created a customized, local strategy for the internet comprised of a multi-pronged approach. The personalized integrated marketing plan consisted of:
  • Analyzing the salon’s audience.
  • Learning where the audience spent its time on the internet.
  • Identifying the most effective channels to target the audience.
  • Integrating relevant components that engage the audience, including creating relevant content and using repetition to tell Lutfi’s brand story
The Results
Through Internet Marketing Company’s integrated marketing campaign, Lutfi’s saw swift, impressive results within the first year.
Debra Ann Smith
Business Manager
“As a busy salon manager at Lutfi’s, I know the pressures that busy professionals face trying to balance managing people and running a successful business. When we started working with Internet Marketing Company, we relied on their expertise to guide us on the best internet marketing practices to use that would get results and quickly. Internet Marketing Company came through in a big way. Not only did they help us develop an integrated marketing campaign that hit all the right marketing channels, they were extremely helpful in walking us through the “whys” of the approach. I’m so glad we relied on Internet Marketing Company to grow our business. Now, I can relax about the how-tos of marketing, and spend time where it’s really needed: managing the day-to-day matters and building up our employees. Thanks!”
Local Search
An AdWords campaign targeted local consumers in search of salon services. As a result of the integrated marketing campaign, the salon has grown tremendously, with a significant increase in clientele.

The AdWords campaign helped the salon rank in the top positions for local searches and provided a steady stream of 6017 new website visits and phone calls. Overall, each month Lutfi’s received 20 phone calls from new clients, or 240 new client calls in the span of the first year. On a weekly average, the salon has seen their newly acquired customers increase four-fold.
The Facebook strategy consisted of sweepstakes to get user attention. Three times a week, the salon posted news or beauty tips to their feed to engage users and followers. As a result of the Facebook campaign, the salon gained:
  • 590 new Facebook “Likes,” up from 31 when the campaign started.
  • An 18-fold increase of activity on Facebook.
  • An increase in Facebook “Check-ins” from 47 to 230, increasing by nearly four times.
  • A total reached of nearly 110,000 people from the campaign overall.
We implemented a strategy for managing online reviews to increase the salon’s brand awareness and manage their reputation. We targeted Angie’s List reviews specifically, creating an easy and seamless plan for collecting the online reviews.

As a result, the salon’s reputation improved by 13 times. Before the campaign, the salon had only three positive Angie’s List reviews. After the campaign, they had 43 positive reviews.
Internet Marketing Company knew that an email campaign would provide a critical component of the integrated plan. The salon collected over 200 email addresses from clients, and achieved an impressive open rate of 38 percent.
Lutfi’s mobile traffic consisted of 40 percent of the total internet traffic accessing the salon’s website. To capture the growing number of clients using mobile to find locally based services, we created a mobile-friendly website for the salon.

Think your business can benefit from bumping up your marketing campaign a notch or two? Integrated marketing takes a unique approach and gets wildly successful results. With a customized, targeted campaign that utilizes the channels where your customers hang out, you’ll get a return on investment from your marketing dollars.

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